Bureau of Omens

The desire to know the future (whether it be out of hope or dread) has always haunted mankind. From January to March 2016, Violaine Lochu was invited by Anis Gras and le Générateur, to meet ninety-five inhabitants of Arcueil et Gentilly and collect from each of them a fragment that should bear witness to the ways in which they question their future (simple questions, wishes, prophetic dreams, apocalyptic or futuristic visions etc.) She conceived divination-walks in the area in order to document, map, photograph and film the territory with symbols reminiscent of  ancient divination techniques (the flight-paths of birds, the passing of a woman, the movements of clouds etc.) Using these fragments as a basis, the young artist composed eight audio pieces (broadcast on R22 Tout-Monde), a publication and a performance.