Wunder K

Performance for Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc’s team, 50 min, 2019
With Marie-Pierre Bathany, Cyrielle Brean, Alexandrine Bonoron, Maïwenn Carpier, Julien Flores, Aurélie Guigot, Luce Pintore, Charlie Rozec, Christelle Roux-Rouvery, C. Vidal
Production Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc

The exhibition «Cabinets de Curiosité» at the FHEL presents an astonishing collection of objects of all different sorts, whose juxtaposition evoke the multiple dimensions of space-time, either fantasized or real. The scenography invites all spectators to produce their own associations and to trace their own interior itinerary. This abundant material, along with various encounters with the FHEL team, are combined by ViolaineLochu to create a collective performance in the actual exhibition space, giving a possible sound image to this mute conversation between objects.