Modular k

1 - Modular K, une vidéo performance de Violaine Lochu, avec Anna Chirescu, Aurore Leduc et Jean Fürst (performers), Céline Régnard (maquillage), photo Rachael Woodson

1 - Modular K salle d'interrogatoire, intallation sonore, 8 min, production La Traverse, 20203 - Modular K salle de contrôle, installation, production La Traverse, 20205 - Modular K salle de réunion, intallation sonore, 8 min, production La Traverse, 20206 - Futur Intérieur, détail, dessin, 350 cm x 40cm, production Aware, 20207 - Modular K salle d'accueil intallation, production La Traverse, 20202 - Modular K salle de repos, intallation sonore, 26 min, production La Traverse, 2020

Modular K
Installation, 2020
Sound and video Installation
Vidéo performance, 17 min
Production La Traverse and La Muse en circuit

At the crossroads of installation and decor, performance and dance, Modular K is an exhibition and a device designed to accommodate several performers. Modular K combines aesthetics of various genres and practices including choreography, singing and acting. Violaine Lochu, as a wonderful storyteller, invites us to discover a place where a priori gathered and lived a group of individuals who seem to have performed some rituals on the spot. Clues (objects between sculptures and scenic props) prompt us to investigate the remains of a past event about which we know nothing. Was there a pagan feast here? A group of hacktivists? Is it a crime scene? We do not know. The film of a collective performance played earlier in situ is shown in one of the rooms of the art center