Babel Babel

Babel Babel, solo performance, 35 min, Production Conseil Général de Seine Saint Denis, 2019

From the age of three months, a child begins to babble: in a purely physical and perceptive game, they explore the possibilities of their vocal apparatus. The sounds that they emit are not necessarily addressed to anyone, nor attempts to convey any particular meaning. Babel Babel is a performance composed using recordings of children’s babbling made in crèches in Seine-Saint-Denis and in Moselle since 2016. Violaine Lochu reworks, displaces and loops this sonic material to reveal the richness of the different sonic states of babbling, this forerunner of language that brings to mind imaginary and distant idioms, and even non-human expressions of the pure pleasure of speech, close to poetry.


Babel Babel, collective performance , 15 min, 2019
In partnership with the the nursery La Motte à Saint Ouen,
With the childminder Kougnou Coulibaly, Muriel Fletcher, Clarisse Saint Félix, Elodie Margotone, Sylvie Bourante, Marjorie Laval, Elodie Tel, Claire Kavass, Tania Clavaux and Céline Goslin