Meat Me

Meat me, performance, 25 min, production Centre Pompidou, 2019

The Festival of Living Literature Extra! has invited Violaine Lochu to create a performance within the context of the Bacon Book Club at the Pompidou Centre, during the exhibition Bacon en ToutesLettres, on the links between the works of the painter and literature. Violaine Lochu proposes a performance based on Bacon’s quote: “If you can talk about it, why paint it?” – seeking to make bodies looking at Bacon’s paintings resound with the sensation produced by these works.

Building on Bacon’srecurring formal themes: contradiction / dilatation, blur, prosthetics, animality, meat…, as analysedby Gilles Deleuze in The Logic of Sensation, Violaine Lochu pursues her exploration of voice, sound and language in order to establish a unique and free-spirited dialogue with the British painter.