video extracts from šaddat, 15 min, 2018

“During long solitary walks in the mountains, I experienced a relationship with the environment quite different from what I had known up to then. The particular quality and density of these interactions (with birds, trees, rocks, and mountains. . . ) were undoubtedly related to the environment itself (a very large and well-preserved natural area) and to the long walks which plunged me into a very particular state of receptivity. I attempted to translate these perceptions by modifying the way I filmed, by involving my gaze and my body in a new way. In this video I seek to explore the interchangeability of viewpoints, to account for the succession of flies, toads, trees, birds, fish, rocks, reindeer. . . ”

Residency’s project at Ricklundgarden Museum (Sweden), grant from National Center of Contemporary Art (CNAP)