Be my ghost

Meryll Ampe – electronic
Blanche Lafuente – drums
Violaine Lochu – body, voice
Production National Center of Musical Creation GMEA, Albi, 2021
With the support of Instants Chavirés, Montévidéo and Salon de Montrouge

At the crossroads of glam cabaret, performance or a concert mixing experimental rock, electro clash and noise … Be my ghost is built like a dream in which a character never ceases to transform. From ghost to diva-octopus, from psychopath to gymnast, from android to Marylin, passing by a bird goddess with the allure of Osiris, this project is nourished by reference – to name just one, The manifesto of thought -cyborg, by Donna Haraway, who challenges the dualisms of modern thought in favor of an open multiplicity. Be my ghost is committed, absurd, dreamlike, funny, dirty, violent, contemplative, tender, decadent ..