SHOUT! performance of Violaine Lochu for four singers, with Chloé Breillot, Mira Ceti and Catherine Gringelli, 15 min, production Contemporary Art Space La Terasse, Nanterre, 2018

What exactly is a cry of revolt? Is it the ultimate condensation of the visceral and the political? What path(s) do(e)s the voice follow, from the raw, purely emotional individual cry (of distress, fear, rage) to the collective expression of anger, indignation, and the airing of grievances? This performance is an attempt to locate the primal power of the cry of revolt, to investigate its need to erupt out of the limits of discourse, and how it takes on the status of a “vocal weapon,” defensive or offensive, and to place it within an interplay of different practices, both human and non-human (Animal cries, the Maori haka, etc.) with which it resonates.