Love Circle

VIOLAINE_VANVES_003 Violaine Lochu, Love Circle VIOLAINE_VANVES_011 Violaine Lochu, Love Circle VIOLAINE_VANVES_015 Violaine Lochu, Love Circle Violaine Lochu, Love Circle VIOLAINE_VANVES_017 VIOLAINE_VANVES_001

Love Circle, installation, 2021
Various elements: orange fur, aluminum, antiphonic foam, blue paint, plaster and aluminum eggs …
Video diptych, 8 min
Video-performance with Jean Fürst (performer), 13 min
Vanves Theater production

In Plato’s Banquet, Aristophanes describes love as an attempt to regain our original unity, separated by Zeus into two distinct parts. In this myth, there were first three genders: the masculine, the feminine and a third gender called androgynous, which belonged to the other two at the same time. The androgynes were placed under the sign of the circle, in their shape (spherical) as in their movements. After they split into two parts, male and female, to punish them for defying the Gods, the word stuck but the thing disappeared.

At the invitation of the Théâtre de Vanves, Violaine Lochu proposes to carry out an exhibition project based on this myth. At the crossroads of installation and set, the display shows a performance video shot in situ, featuring the artist and a second performer. By pursuing the avenues explored during the artist’s last exhibitions, the project combines references to anticipation and science fiction (through the use of specific materials – aluminum, silicone, agglomerated foam, colored lights, etc.), queer aesthetic (work on make-up, costumes) and summons different practices (choreography, acting, singing) to question the notions of gender assignment, soul-mate, separation

Love Circle, video-document of the installation, production Vanves Theatre, 2021